How to clean DSLR Camera’s Sensor

Be careful to clean DSLR Camera’s sensor. It may harm your DSLR camera if you use incorrect tools and clean in the wrong way.

How to clean DSLR Cameras Sensor

Why we need clean DSLR Camera’s sensor

If you take a picture by a DSLR camera has been using for long time, you may see some dust points in the pic. it happen because the Sensor or Len isn’t clean. Dust get into your Camera even you’d never removed Len before. Some DSLR have auto-clean-sensor function by vibrating of the IR filter in front of the sensor but it’s not always clean all dust. I’ll show you some safety way to clean DSLR Camera’s Sensor.

How to clean DSLR Cameras Sensor
Sensor Dust Points

Cheaply and Safely Way To Clean DSLR Camera’s sensor


How to clean DSLR Cameras Sensor
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Keep in mind that if you use incorrect tools and clean DSLR Camera’s Sensor in the wrong way, It may harm your DSLR camera.

Finding dust position on Sensor

You need to check the sensor before clean it. Set the aperture to minimum then take a few pictures with brightness background (it’s better to take a full white paper) in Aperture-Priority Auto mode.

Open pictures you just took on computer, zoom-in 100%. If the pictures have some blur spot in same position, it’s mean that position on sensor have dust. If all pictures don’t have any special spot, then sensor have no dust.

Clean DSLR Camera’s sensor

First, remove Len and enable manually clean sensor mode to go up the mirror, be sure that the battery is full. If the power turn off, the sensor will go down immediately, it may dangerous to sensor.

If you see dust lay on the sensor, try to swipe it out with small Sensor Swabs. If the dust still lay there, use the PEC*PAD with 2 or 3 drop of special cleaning liquid (Eclipse) then clean on sensor.

How to clean DSLR Cameras Sensor

Attach the Len and take picture to check sensor again. If it’s still have dust, clean again until there are no dust on sensor.

How to keep DSLR Camera’s sensor clean

Be careful when you remove Len from DSLR Camera, only do it in clean environment. Put on Len Cap and Body Cap when you remove Len from Body to prevent dust get inside.

How to clean DSLR Cameras Sensor

And it is of course recommended to keep Camera, Lens, Cap in a dust-free environment at a reasonable temperature and humidity level.

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