Important Features of a Smart Security Camera

Security cameras today have many types and seemingly endless features. The purpose of all these features help you build a security home but there are so many different kinds of security cameras available in market, you have to know which features make sense for your home, it’s can be a daunting task. This article will give you some important features of a smart security camera that will help you have a vision on Smart Security Camera and choose which camera is perfect match with your house.

Keep in mind these important features when comparing smart security cameras.

Important features of smart security cameras

Resolution of video recording

Resolution is the number of pixels contained on the frame of video, expressed in terms of the number of pixels on the horizontal axis and the number on the vertical axis. How clear the video from your camera will be depend on resolution. A clearly visible video help you identify faces of items more easier. A smart security cameras should have HD resolution or more.

Field of View

Camera’s field of view is the extent of the observable world that is seen at any given moment. The width of area that a camera can record depend on the Field of View. This feature is important, it will affect how many camera you should install in your home.

Communicate Capability

A smart security camera can wirelessly connect to your home security system which can be very handy for installation and less susceptible to being disabled, because it doesn’t have wires which could be cut. Beside that it’s called smart camera because it’s controlled by smartphone, tablet or PC.

Features of a Smart Security Camera

Movement Capability

A movemet camera can pan and tilt many direction. This feature help you to record a larger area than a static camera. It may be able to reduce the number of cameras needed to install to abserve a particular area.
Some smart camera can detect and tracking movement subjects.

Motion Detection

Cameras have motion detection feature can detect a movement subjects within its field of view and send notifications. This feature help you monitor the suspicious activity and manage the situation.

Night Vision

This feature defines the distance which your camera can record video in low light (to no light) situations. This is quite important feature because mostly burglars work at night.

Features of a Smart Security Camera

Talk & Listen

Most of smart security camera has a built-in speaker and microphone, and lets you talk and listen through the app. This feature help you to speak up to get someone’s attention, or tell the dog to get off the couch.

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