Making Your Own DIY Photography Light Box

If you didn’t have much budget to build up Professional Light Box. You can make a simple DIY Photography Light Box. It’s very cheap and easy to make, just a cardboard box and some white fabric or tissue paper.

For just a few dollars—and in just a few minutes—you can make a simple DIY light box to evenly illuminate small objects for close-up photos.

Prepering things to make DIY Photography Light Box.

  • A cardboard box: The size should be appropriate for the the objects you will photograph.
  • White fabric or white nylon, a white poster board
  • A pencil, a ruler
  • A box cutter knife, A scissor
  • Tape

Step by step to make DIY Photography Light Box.

Step 1: Making the frame

DIY Photography Light Box

  • Using packing tape to secure the bottom of the box, taping both side, make sure it’s strong enough. This side will become the background of Photography Light Box.
  • Using pencil and ruler to mark lines about 1 inch (2.5 cm) inside each edge of the box on each side and on the top. Then using the box cutter carefully cut along that lines.
  • Using the box cutter to cut the front flaps off.

Step 2: Covering the box

DIY Photography Light Box

  • Cut a section of white fabric or white nylon large enough to fit over each of the openings you cut. Then taping the outside of the box using cellophane tape.
  • Cut a piece of white poster board with the width being the same as a side of the box, and the length being twice as long. Then insert it into the box, curving it up towards the top of the box. Curve it gently to create an infinite, edgeless look for the background of your shots.

step 3: Add your lighting and take some test shot

DIY Photography Light Box

  •  If you don’t have Photo lights or flashes, you can even use standard desk lamps on either side or above your DIY Photography Light Box to produce the desired lighting effect.
  • Take a few photos and see how well diffuses the light. you can add more layers of fabric to make the filters if there are to much light.

DIY Photography Light Box

DIY Photography Light Box

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