Simplex Front Door Security Solutions

This article provide Simplex Front Door Security Solutions to protect your home at Front Door. (See Smart Front Door Security Solutions here). Keep in mind that “nearly 75% of household burglaries, forcible entry is attempted through the front door”, so protect your entry door is the most important for a securely home.

Simplex Front Door Security Solutions

Here are some simplex products to protect your front door:

1. Add-on a security bar with Master Lock 265DCCSEN

This bar can work for both sliding doors and hinged. Adjustable bar from 27-1/2in (70cm) – 42in (110cm) to fit most standard doors and sliding patio doors. It is a physical barrier that can prevent your door from opening if a burglar tries to force it open. This Simple solutions is quite affordable and very easy to install.

2. Lock The Door With Nightlock Barricade

This barricade install at the bottom of your door to protect your home form burglary or home invasions. Even your front door have deadbolt most burglars can simply kick in (most deadbolts are secured by a piece of common ¾”by 6” pine board, it’s not strong enough to against a hard kick-in). The Nightlock Barricade provide a powerful resistance to a front door that is being breached by a “kick-in”. When deadbolt is not strong enough and fail, this product still working to keep secure for your home.

3. Protect your home with an Entry Defense Alarm

Burglars have many ways to enter your front door even it was lock so strong by one of two tips above. To scare of burglars it’s ideally to sound an alarm when they open your door. The Entry Defense Alarm is easy to operate, effective and loud. It use 2 magnets to form an electrical circuit when the door or window open this connection is broken and trig the 100 dB alarm. This solution is quite simple and priced affordably to protect every room and entryway in your home.

Bottom line

To protect your home from front door is very important. The solutions above are just simple and affordable price. It’s may not enough secure your home. There are many other ways with more secure and convenience for you (see Smart Front Door Security Solutions ).

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