Sony Bluetooth Headphones Tips and Tricks

Sony Bluetooth Headphones basically are the same other Bluetooth headphones. It’s easy to use and connect with Smartphone, Tablet, PC…by paring devices. But Unlike other headphones, Sony Bluetooth Headphones had some advantages which make you feel more comfortable when you use it.

sony bluetooth headphones

I’d been using Sony SBH50 more than 2 years, and here my some tips for you.

NFC one touch connect with Sony Bluetooth Headphones

sony bluetooth headphones

Most of Sony bluetooth headphones have incorporated NFC technology within. This means it can be easily paired with your NFC enabled smartphone just by simply putting both devices together. Forget about keying in passcodes to pair bluetooth devices as NFC authentication replaces that step, allowing seamless pairing to get you started with your new gadget quickly.

Sony Smart Connect app

sony bluetooth headphones

With Sony Bluetooth headphones, you are given an option to download various Sony smart extensions which will allow you to read SMS and emails from the headset. If you are using Sony Bluetooth Headset with your device, kindly install Sony Smart connect app also as from Play Store you will be able to configure the settings of this headset.

Multipoint Voice and Audio

sony bluetooth headphones

Unlike many other bluetooth headsets out in the market which only allows a single bluetooth device to be connected at a time, most of Sony Bluetooth Headphones can connect to two smartphones or other devices at the same time. The device intelligently switches between audio sources and devices.

Built-in FM Radio in Sony Bluetooth Headphones

sony bluetooth headphones

Most of Sony Bluetooth Headphone have also got built in FM Radio functionality which could be what many people are looking for. The independent FM Receiver within it essentially makes the device a portable radio player as well.

That are my some experience using Sony Bluetooth headphones. If you have any special experience, please comment below. Thanks for reading.

In my opinion, i’m always rate 5* for Sony Headphones, bluetooth or non-bluetooth. It was good design with nice looking and feeling, very clear sound, especially in bass range. Every things are so good in an acceptance price.

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