Connecting Bluetooth Mouse To Smartphone And Tablet

Is it possible to connecting bluetooth mouse to Smartphone? Yes, it’s easy to connect your phone to a bluetooth mouse!

connecting bluetooth mouse to smartphone
Normally a bluetooth mouse is using for computer but in some way it can be using for smartphone or tablet. Most of apps in MS Window use left click, right click, drawn and drop. Otherwise, apps in smartphone and tablet use touch screen to control. So the best way to control computers are mouse. The best way to control smartphone and tablet are touch screen.

This article introduce you how to connecting bluetooth mouse to Smartphone and Tablet step by step.

We use a bluetooth mouse Logitech V470 and android phone in this article.

connecting bluetooth mouse to smartphone

Step1: Enable bluetooth device in your android phone.
Go to setting -> Turn on bluetooth (Tip: Swipe down from the top of any screen -> touch the bluetooth icon to turn it on)

connecting bluetooth mouse to smartphone

Step2: Press and hold the reset button on Bluetooth mouse until the led indicator blinking (connect button is on bottom side). it’s now ready to connect with new device.

Step3: Connecting bluetooth mouse to Android by scanning bluetooth device on phone and tap to mouse icon.

Now you can enjoy the stupid way to control your phone.

About Logitech V470:

The Logitech V470 Cordless Laser Mouse for Bluetooth is a well-designed mouse that is comfortable and has all the basic features a wireless mouse should have.

PROS / This wireless mouse can come in a large assortment of different colors.

CONS / The mouse is heavier than other similar mice.


Laser precision: Outperforms optical mice. Laser technology delivers smoother cursor control on virtually any surface.*
Side-to-Side Scrolling Plus Zoom**: Perfect for viewing digital photos and spreadsheets. Instantly zoom in and out. Scroll horizontally or vertically.

Bluetooth® wireless technology***: Enjoy cable-free connection from up to 30 feet.
Protective pouch: Secures and protects your mouse during travel.
Light, durable design: More comfortable than a touch pad. Take it anywhere.
Battery life indicator: Eliminates surprises. And an on/off switch extends battery life.

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